The 10 Best Carp Fishing Lakes in Hertfordshire



Best Carp Fishing Lakes in Hertfordshire

As a seasoned angler with a wealth of carp fishing expertise under my belt, I cannot overstate the significance of selecting the ideal carp lake to fully capitalize on a day or night of fishing. The county of Hertfordshire boasts a plethora of exceptional fishing spots, so I have compiled a list of the best carp fishing lakes in Hertfordshire.

Ranging from the picturesque waters of St Albans to the renowned Nash Lakes, this in-depth guide is designed to assist you in discovering your ultimate specimen fishing sanctuary.

Brief Overview of Carp Fishing Lakes in Hertfordshire

Carp fishing in Hertfordshire offers a diverse and exciting angling experience for seasoned and novice anglers. The county is home to a wide variety of well-stocked fisheries, scenic lakes, and stretches of river, providing ample opportunities for targeting large carp.

Hertfordshire boasts several well-maintained angling clubs and day ticket waters, catering to all skill levels. The lakes and fisheries within the region are known for their healthy stocks of common carp, mirror carp, grass, ghost carp and some huge catfish.

The picturesque surroundings of Hertfordshire’s countryside only add to the appeal of carp fishing in the area. With excellent facilities and amenities, and some of the best fishing spots in the country, from secluded lakes to stretches of the Grand Union Canal.

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St Albans Lakes

Situated in the historical city of St Albans, St Albans Lakes is made up of 180 acres of picturesque views split over three gravel pits, and a popular destination for carp and course anglers seeking a peaceful fishing experience.

ST Albans Lakes Hertfordshire

Available Facilities At St Albans

St Albans Hertfordshire Lakes offers both day tickets and 24 hour fishing, with ample parking space and a well stocked tackle shop. They also provide well-maintained swims and on-site toilet facilities, ensuring a comfortable experience for all visitors.

Address: St Albans, AL4 0RY Phone: 07544 933149 Web: St Albans Lakes

  • Well-stocked Fishing Tackle Shop
  • Three Well-Stocked Lakes
  • On-Site Toilet Facilities
  • Large Carp Over 30lb
  • Price: 24 Hours 3 Rods £30

Types of Carp Found At St Albans

St Albans fishery is known for their good head of carp and decent average size, the lakes also house other coarse fish like tench and bream and other quality silver fish and large catfish. St Albans comprises of three well stocked lakes that boast a diverse stock of carp, including mirror carp, grass carp and common carp, like the one shown below.

Common Carp Caught At St Albans Lakes Hertfordshire
Image Credit: Carpworld

Willows Lake – Willows Lake is the largest of three lakes at St Albans and serves as an ideal location for anglers to refine their skills and is renowned for its abundance of large carp. Willows lake is home to over 7,000 carp, weighing up to 30 pounds, and offers diverse features such as deep margins, an island, and gravel bars. Additionally, ample spacious pegs provide carp anglers with the room they need for an exceptional fishing experience.

  • Contains Over 7000 Carp
  • Average Carp Size 13lb
  • Home to Some Catfish
  • 60 Spacious Pegs
Big Carp Caught At St Albans Fishery
Big Carp Caught At St Albans Fishery

Farm Lake – Farm Lake is the second largest lake at St Albans. With 12 acres and the 20 secluded swims are popular spots for carp anglers with two islands, several gravel bars and deep margins. Farm lake is home to approximately 700 carp, weighing up to 35 pounds.

  • Contains Over 700 Carp
  • Beautiful Grass Carp to 35lb
  • Large Catfish Up To 100lb
  • 20 Spacious Pegs

Stanborough Lake

Stanborough Lake is located within Stanborough Park in Welwyn Garden City. The beautiful park setting and easy access from the A1 make it an attractive destination for anglers. Anglers can easily get lost in over 100 acres of busy countryside comprising of two large lakes.

Stanborough Lake For Carp Fishing

The Stanborough lake complex is owned and run by Welwyn Garden City angling club, a fishing organization based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. The club is dedicated to fostering a supportive community for anglers of all skill levels, promoting responsible fishing practices, and ensuring sustainable use of natural resources. They manage and maintain a variety of fishing venues including Stanborough.

Address: Welwyn Garden City, AL8 6DF Phone: 07789658056 Web: Stanborough Lake

  • Subsidised Parking Only
  • Day Ticket Prices At £8 Per Rod
  • Price: 24 Hours £30
  • Night Fishing: £18
  • Large Carp To 35lb

Available Facilities At Stanborough Lake

Stanborough Lake offers both day tickets and night fishing or 24 hour passes. Unfortunately their are no on-site parking facilities but subsidised parking can be agreed at £1.50 per 24 hours. The Welwyn Garden City Angling Club ensures the lake is well stocked and cared for.

Types of Carp Found At Stanborough Lake

Stanborough Lake is known for its specimen carp and coarse fishing opportunities, with species such as crucian Carp, Roach, Rudd and large Perch and Tench. The lake’s shallow areas and margins are popular fishing spots, attracting good-sized carp.

Rib Valley Fishing Lakes

Rib Valley Fishing Lakes is a premier angling destination, featuring several distinct lakes for all types of fishing. For Carp anglers the Rib Lake and Westmill Lake are two that should be looked at closely. Set amidst picturesque surroundings. Rib Lake offers a serene environment for coarse fishing, teeming with a variety of fish species, including carp, bream, and tench.

Rib Lake At RibValley Fishing Lakes

Westmill Lake, on the other hand, is known for its trout fishing opportunities, stocked with silver fish and decent size carp, including Crucian, Common, and Mirror Carp to provide an exciting angling experience. With well-maintained facilities, Rib Valley Fishing Lakes cater to anglers of all skill levels, ensuring a memorable fishing adventure.

Address: Westmill Farm, Ware SG12 0ES Phone: 01920462200 Web: RibValley Lakes

  • 3 Purpose Built Still-Water Lakes
  • Cosy On-Site Lakes Restaurant
  • On-Site Fully Stocked Tackle Shop
  • Adult Price For 3 Rods £17
  • Night Fishing Price: £32
  • Contains Large Carp To 30lb

Available Facilities At Rib Valley Lakes

Westmill Lake offers day tickets and on-site parking. Anglers can find local tackle shops in Ware, and the lake provides well-maintained swims and onsite toilet and restaurant facilities.

Large Carp caught at RibValley Fisheries

Types of Carp Found At Rib Valley Lakes

Rib Valley fisheries comprises of several lakes and is known for its specimen carp, including mirror and common varieties. It also offers an abundance of silver fish and big tench and Rainbow trout. The two lakes good for anglers include, Westmill and Rib lakes.

Westmill Lake at RibValley Fishing Lakes

Westmill Lake: A former gravel pit, the smaller of the two lakes on this complex, with a good range of islands and hanging over trees. Westmill Lake holds a good selection of Carp. Including Mirror, Common, Crucian Carp, and decent Tench to 8lbs.

Rib Lake: The Rib lake is Rib Valleys’ specimen lake offering an abundance of large Carp fish to 30 pounds, tench to 8 lbs and huge stocks of roach and bream. Rib Lake is set in a tranquil setting for anglers seeking a quiet fishing experience and is surrounded by stunning countryside. Features shallow areas and margins are popular fishing spots, attracting a good head of decent size fish.

Nash Lakes

Nash Lakes is a premier carp fishing venue nestled in the picturesque countryside of Hertfordshire near Hemel Hempstead, offering a serene setting for anglers. The mastermind behind this angler’s paradise is the renowned carp angler, Kevin Nash. With a passion for creating the ultimate fishing experience, Nash has transformed the venue into a haven for carp enthusiasts, boasting well-stocked waters teeming with beautiful, healthy fish.

Nash Lakes Hertfordshire

The serene Nash lakes, meticulously maintained grounds, and top-notch facilities attract anglers from near and far, making Nash Lakes a must-visit destination for those seeking the thrill of landing a record-breaking catch. Kevin Nash’s dedication to the sport and his knowledge of carp behaviour ensure that Nash Lakes remains a prestigious and highly sought-after fishing venue.

Available facilities At Nash Lakes

Nash Lakes offers day tickets, memberships, on-site parking, and you can find local tackle shops in nearby Hemel Hempstead. The Nash lake complex provides well-maintained swims with good over hanging trees and are well stocked with good size fish averaging 25lb to over 40lb.

Address: Royston, SG8 6RA Phone: 07923246460 Web: Nash Lakes

  • Two Well Stocked Fishing Lakes
  • On-Site Toilet Facilities
  • Secure On-Site Car Park
  • Yearly Membership Cost £50
  • 24Hr Fishing Price: £20+
  • Contains Large Carp To 40lb

Types of Carp Found At Nash Lakes

Nash Lakes is known for its large concentration of Carp, hand picked by the pro’s as well as Carp, there is also an abundance of large Pike, Bream, Roach and Rudd. These lakes features over 400 hand picked fish that go crazy for high-quality bollies and pellets.

Huge Mirror Carp At Nash Lakes
Image Credit: Nash Lakes

The lakes’ margins, islands, and deeper sections are popular spots, attracting a good head of Carp. While the presence of a record 38lb Mirror carp and a 40lb Common carp add an exciting element to this fishery, making Nash Lakes a favorite among specimen anglers.

Pretty Lake

Pretty Lake is run by the Ware Angling Club and is situated at Stanstead Abbotts near Brookman’s Park. This is a privately owned fishing lake offering a serene environment for anglers to enjoy. The two acre lake has many swims surrounded by over hanging trees to provide plenty of shade.

Pretty Carp Fishing Lake Hertfordshire

The lake is well established with an array of wildlife and offers a great opportunity for Carp up to thirty pounds plus. Boilies, pellets and maggots are the most successful baits used at Pretty Lake but many other techniques have also been successful.

Address: Stanstead Abbotts, SG12 8AT Phone: 07768746059 Web: Wear-Angling

  • Good Stocked Fishing Lake
  • Cost £85, Covers Lakes & Rivers
  • Member Only Water
  • Contains Carp To 25lb

Available Facilities At Pretty Lake

Pretty Lake is a member only fishing lake so they do not offer day tickets, there is minimal on-site parking, no on-site facilities. But the lake does provide well-maintained swims.

Pretty Lake Is A Private Fishery
Image Credit: Ware Angling

Types of Carp Found At Pretty Lake

Pretty Lake is known for its mixed coarse fishery, including carp, tench, and perch. The lake’s deeper sections and lily pad-covered areas are popular fishing spots, attracting decent Carp and other species such as Bream, Roach, and Rudd. The overhanging trees and margins provide cover for fish, making them ideal spots to target larger specimens.

The Grand Union Canal

Grand Union Canal

For Carp anglers looking for something a little different in Hertfordshire should consider the Grand Union Canal. Which is a network of canals that stretches across the county, offering numerous fishing opportunities along its banks. The canal is easily accessible from various towns and villages, providing anglers with a range of spots to choose from.

Available Facilities Grand Union Canal

The Grand Union Canal offers day tickets and season permits for anglers. Parking facilities can be found near many access points, and local tackle shops are available in nearby towns. Toilet facilities may be limited along the canal, so it is essential to plan accordingly.

Address: South Harefield, UB9 6PE Phone: Contact Form Web: Canal River Trust

  • Good Stocked Fishing Lake
  • Cost £85, Covers Lakes & Rivers
  • Member Only Water
  • Contains Carp To 25lb

Carp Found In Grand Union Canal

The Grand Union Canal boasts a diverse fishery, including sizable Mirror and Common Carp, as illustrated in the image below. It is also home to abundant populations of bream, perch, and other silver fish. Anglers often gravitate towards the canal’s margins, bridges, and lock sections for prime fishing opportunities. Moreover, the stretches near Hemel Hempstead and Kings Langley are especially well-known for their rich variety of fish species.

Large Mirror Carp Caught on Grand Union Canal
Image Credit:

Fairlands Lake

Fairlands Lake, a prime carp fishing destination, is owned by the Welwyn Garden City Angling Club. Located in Stevenage, it offers a serene setting for anglers of all skill levels. This expansive lake spans 20 acres of water, providing ample space for contemplative fishing, and is nestled within the stunning Fairlands Valley Park. The picturesque environment and well-stocked waters make this lake an attractive choice for carp anglers.

Fairlands Valley Park and Lake Complex

Available Facilities At Fairlands Lake

Fairlands Lake offers day tickets starting at £8 with an additional £5 charge for each extra rod. The lake also features free on-site public parking, and access to a shop nearby. The lake provides well-maintained swims and toilet facilities for an enjoyable angling experience.

Address: Six Hills Way, Herts SG2 0BL Phone: 07719277443 Web: Welwyn Club

  • Good Average Carp Size
  • Day Tickets Cost £13 x 2 Rods
  • Easy Access to On-Site Kiosk
  • Busy Public Toilet Area
  • Contains Carp To 35lb
  • Night Fishing £20 for 24hrs

Types of Carp Found at Fairlands Lake

Fairlands Lake is celebrated for its diverse coarse fishery, featuring Carp up to 35lbs, Crucian Carp up to 4lb, as well as a healthy stock of tench and bream. The lake’s margins and deeper sections serve as popular fishing spots. While overhanging trees and lily pads are relatively sparse, the available cover provides ample shelter for fish. Overall, Fairlands Lake presents an ideal location for both novice and seasoned anglers to enjoy their craft.

Verulam Angling Club

Verulam Angling is a private fishing club located in St. Albans and manages several stretches of river and high quality lakes in the area. After becoming a member you get access to all lakes and stretches of river some are ideal for carp fishing. The club offers a friendly atmosphere and focuses on conservation and the promotion of angling as a sport.

Verulam Angling Riverside Lake

Available Facilities At Verulam Lakes

The club provides good parking facilities for its members, and well maintained toilet facilities. Moreover, a well-stocked tackle shop can be found in the town of St. Albans. The club offers membership options and organizes regular matches and events for its members.

Address: Riverside RD, AL1 1SF Phone: 01582612945 Web: Verulam Angling

  • Several Well Stocked Fishing Lakes
  • Cost £105, Covers Lakes & Rivers
  • Member Only Waters
  • Contains Carp To 30lb+
  • Good Parking Facilities

Verulam Angling Carp Fishing Locations

Verulam Angling Club manages stretches of the River Ver and River Colne, and manages several outstanding fishing lakes around St Albans, offering anglers the opportunities to catch chub, barbel, and a wild brown trout lake. While the club’s lakes are home to a diverse range of species, including decent size carp, including Crucian carp, Tench, and Bream.

Mirror Carp Caught At Moor Mill Fishery
Image Credit: Club Verulam Twitter

Riverside Lake: Located in the heart of St Albans, Riverside Road Lake is recognized as the club’s flagship fishery. This lake showcases a variety of bays and peninsulas, some adorned with reed-lined edges, while others feature lily pads. Floating islands have been introduced to offer cover for fish. The lake is home to a substantial population of Carp, reaching sizes of 12lb and above. It also accommodates other nice fish like decent-sized Bream, Crucian Carp, Carp Hybrids, and Tench. Effective baits include maggots, bread, corn, hemp, pellets, and certain meats.

Carp Caught At Verulam Angling Club
Carp Caught At Verulam Angling Club

Moor Mill Lakes: The Moor Mill Fishery, owned and operated by Verulam Angling Club, features four distinct lakes of varying sizes including a coarse lake and match lake. Home to Carp weighing up to 30lbs or more, as well as numerous other Carp species exceeding 20lbs.

The lakes within the fishery are the Island Lake, Leather Lake, Pike Pit, and School Pit Lake. Leather Lake was once home to the largest Leather Carp in the UK, weighing in at 44lbs, until it passed away a few years ago. Each lake offers unique angling opportunities, catering to diverse interests and skill levels, ensuring a memorable experience for all visitors.

Carthagena Syndicate Lake

Carthagena Fishery is a popular syndicate lake situated near Broxbourne, providing a peaceful setting for anglers. The fishery is easily accessible from the A10 and is surrounded by beautiful woodland. Features over 100 large Carp, with sizes increasing rapidly year on year.

Carthagena Fisheries

Available Facilities At Carthagena Syndicate Lake

Carthagena Fishery offers day tickets and on-site parking. Anglers can find local tackle shops in nearby Broxbourne, and the fishery provides well-maintained swims and toilet facilities.

Address: Broxbourne, EN11 6TA Phone: 01992 463656 Web: Carthagena Lake

  • Huge Haul of Large Carp
  • Day Ticket Cost £10
  • Season Ticket £200
  • Contains Carp To 40lb+
  • Good Summer Fishing
  • Rules Must be Adhered To

Types of Carp Found At The Carthagena Lake

Carthagena Syndicate lake holds a large amount of Carp to over 30lb, and a huge Common Carp to 40lb, the lake also has an abundance of Tench, Bream, Pike and Perch. The fishery’s secluded swims are popular spots for carp anglers. The fishery’s margins and overhanging trees provide good cover for fish, making them ideal spots to catch bigger carp specimens.

Aldenham Reservoir

Aldenham Reservoir is located near Elstree, offering a serene environment for anglers. The reservoir is easily accessible from the A5183 and is surrounded by picturesque countryside. This popular fishing destination spans 66 acres and is filled with many species of fish.

Address: Aldenham Rd WD6 3BD Phone: 07857809442 Web: Aldenham Facebook

  • Well Stocked Fishing Lake
  • Day Tickets and Memberships
  • Record Carp To 40lb+
  • Good Parking Facilities

Available Facilities At Aldenham Reservoir

Aldenham Reservoir offers day tickets, and memberships and offers on-site parking. You can find a local tackle shop in nearby Elstree and the Fisheries pub nearby for a light lunch. The reservoir provides well-maintained swims but note that some parts of the lake are for members only.

Aldenham Angling Club Map
Image Credit: Fishing Ticket

Types of Carp Found At Aldenham

Larger Carp Caught At Aldenham Fisheries
Image Credit: Carp World

Aldenham Reservoir holds carp to 40lbs, large tench to 6lb, Bream, Roach, Hybrids, and decent Perch. The reservoir’s deeper sections are popular spots for targeting larger specimens. The dam wall is also a favoured location for anglers, offering a good stock of carp.


Hertfordshire is home to an impressive selection of carp fishing lakes, catering to anglers of all experience levels. Whether you’re after a quick day session or a dedicated season ticket holder, hopefully this guide has helped you find the perfect Hertfordshire carp fishing destination.

If so, grab your fishing gear, head out, and enjoy the thrill of reeling in your next big catch. If you have enjoyed reading this guide please subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated on the latest carp fishing news, tips on how to catch carp, and angling advice.

Tight Lines, Happy fishing!

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