Best Carp Fishing Lakes in Oxfordshire: A Guide for Anglers



Best Carp Fishing Lakes in Oxfordshire

Hello, fellow anglers! I’m an experienced carp fisherman with 25 years under my belt, and I’m here to share some insights into the world of the best carp fishing lakes in Oxfordshire.

This beautiful county in the heart of England is blessed with an abundance of picturesque lakes, rivers, and canals, offering fantastic opportunities for carp anglers of all skill levels.

Brief Overview of Carp Fishing in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire is a haven for carp fishing enthusiasts, with a diverse range of venues to choose from, each offering unique challenges and rewards. From well-stocked commercial fisheries to tranquil, secluded lakes, and stretches of the famous River Thames.

In Oxfordshire you can find a wealth of options for targeting carp in their natural habitat. With good populations of common Carp, mirror Carp, and leather carp. You will even find some impressive grass carp and ghost carp, as well as big catfish.

Selecting the Right Carp fishing Spot

As an experienced carp angler, I can’t stress enough the importance of choosing the right fishing spot. As well as finding the best location to catch carp; also consider factors such as accessibility, available facilities, and the level of angling pressure on each venue. 

You also want to think about the type of fishing experience you want. Are you after a relaxing, secluded spot where you can immerse yourself in nature, or do you prefer a more social environment with fellow anglers to share techniques? The right fishing spot can make all the difference in your overall enjoyment and success on the river bank or lake side.

In this guide, I’ll introduce you to some of the best carp fishing lakes in Oxfordshire, highlighting their unique features and offering advice on what is available at each venue.

Linear Fisheries (50lb Carp)

Linear Fisheries is arguably one of the best day ticket fishing Oxfordshire waters. A vast specimen lake complex and many anglers would agree. While Linear fisheries is an excellent day ticket venue, you can also fish around the clock. However, night fishing at Linear Fisheries is only available for members of the A-Team and Tackle & Bait Angling Club.

Linear Fisheries Oxfordshire

Linear Fisheries is situated in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside. With 250 acres of prime fishing landscape, with several lakes, each with its own distinct character and appeal.

The facility offers ample parking, a tackle shop, and toilet facilities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all anglers.

Address: B4449, Witney OX29 7QF Phone: 07885 327708 Web: Linear Fisheries

  • Well-stocked Fishing Tackle Shop
  • 24 Hour Fishing (Night Fishing)
  • On-Site Toilet Facilities
  • Large Carp Over 50lb

Types of Carp Found At Linear Fisheries

Linear Fisheries has 12 lakes of various sizes and home to a diverse range of species. Including catfish, pike, tench and large perch. Carp are the main target species, including common and mirror carp to over 50lb. Leather, and ghost carp. With such an impressive stock, carp anglers can employ various techniques to target these fish effectively.

Carp Fishing Spots Within Linear Fisheries

Map of Linear Fisheries
Map of Linear Fisheries

St Johns Lake – Known for its exceptional water clarity and stunning island features, St. John’s Lake is a popular choice for anglers seeking both numbers and specimen carp. With an array of gravel bars, weed beds, and overhanging trees, plenty of features to target.

  • Best Day Ticket Water
  • Contains Over 900 Carp
  • 18 Acre Gravel Pit
  • Large Mirror Carp To 48lb
  • Catfish Over 100lb

Manor Farm Lake – Manor Farm offers a challenge for experienced anglers and is also suitable for those new to carp fishing. The margins, lily pads, and snags are top spots.

  • Contains Over 700 Carp
  • Pre-Booking Fishing Only
  • Large Mirror Carp To 51lb
  • Large Common Carp To 43lb

Hardwick Lake – Hardwick Lake is a good place for anglers to hone their feature-finding skills. It features deep margins and various submerged features and is a hotspot for catching big carp, and many small fish too.

  • Contains Over 1000 Carp
  • 50 Large Carp Over 50lb
  • Known for Housing Big Pike
  • Record Mirror Carp 46lb 9oz

Brasenose One & Two – Brasenose One is the second biggest carp lake on this site, and is popular for day ticket fishing. Both Brasenose One & Two carp lakes are known for impressive large numbers of Mirror Carp to 30lb fish and some Carp exceeding 50lb.

  • Contains Over 1900 Carp
  • 70% Carp Over 20lb
  • Record Mirror Carp 52lb

Oxlease Lake – Offers an excellent stock of carp, including some stunning mirror Carp, common Carp and large Ghost carp to over 46lb. Oxlease Lake is popular for experienced and novice anglers. Key areas include the gravel spots, silt beds, and overhanging trees.

  • Contains Over 1600 Carp
  • Several Large Carp Over 30lb
  • Record Mirror Carp 46lb
  • Record Common Carp 52lb

Orchid Lakes

Orchid Lakes is a beautiful and serene fishing complex nestled in the Oxfordshire countryside, just outside the picturesque village of Dorchester-on-Thames. The Orchid Lake facility is a renowned 18-acre specimen carp lake. Set within 44 acres of stunning woodland, providing an idyllic backdrop for an unforgettable carp fishing experience.

View of Orchid Lakes

Orchid Lakes Facilities and Amenities

Orchid Lakes offers a range of facilities and amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable visit for all anglers. These include, ample car parking available near the entrance, providing easy access to the lakes. The are also well-maintained toilet and shower facilities.

Address: Dorchester, Wallingford OX10 7LP Phone: 01865 341810 Web: Orchid Lakes

  • Well-stocked Fishing Tackle Shop
  • 24 Hour Fishing Cost £25
  • Top Spot: Top Dug Out
  • Plenty of 30lb+ Carp
  • Fishers Better In Winter

At Orchid Lakes there is a well-stocked tackle shop situated at the entrance, providing a range of bait, tackle, and sundries. And a nice and cozy on-site café that serves hot and cold food, drinks, and snacks, ensuring you’re well-fuelled for your session on the bank.

Map of Orchid Lakes
Image Credit:

Let us not forget the importance of the friendly and knowledgeable on-site bailiff who is available to offer advice, answer your questions, and ensure the rules and regulations are followed. As highlighted in their most recent review shown below.

Reviews Orchid Lakes

Types of Carp Found At Orchid Lakes

Orchid Lakes is home to a variety of carp species, including mirror carp, common carp, and ghost carp, with fish ranging from mid-double figures to over 40lb.

Orchid lakes also has several strict rules to adhere to, such as, no use of leaders or braided lines, no fixed rigs or bent hook rigs, and no sacks or keepnets.

40LB Mirror Carp Caught On Orchid Lakes

Milton Pools Fishery

Milton Pools Fishery is a well-maintained and picturesque fishing complex situated in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, close to the village of Great Milton. The fishery offers a diverse range of angling opportunities, with several lakes catering to different types of fish.

Milton Pools fishery complex is suited to specimen carp angling, pleasure fishing, and match angling. The venue is surrounded by lush vegetation and mature trees, providing a tranquil and relaxing environment for a perfect day of fishing experience.

Address: Great Milton, Oxford OX44 7JE Phone: 01844 278150 Web: Miltons-Pools

  • Full Equipped On-Site Fishing Shop
  • Insulated Huts are Available for Rent
  • On-site Toilet and Washing Facilities
  • Age Restrictions (No Under 5’s)
  • No Homemade Boilies Allowed
Milton Pools Fishery

Different Lakes within Milton Pools Fishery

House Lake: The largest lake on the complex, House Lake is a general course fishing lake, however, there are some specimen carp, home to a large head of carp ranging from low doubles to 30lb. The lake features several lily pads, and overhanging trees.

  • Contains Crucian Carp
  • Contains Ghost Carp
  • Good Lake For Newbies

Campbell’s Lake: A popular match and pleasure fishing lake for private and club members. Campbell’s Lake holds a variety of species, including ghost, mirror, and crucian carp. With numerous features and a relatively uniform depth, to provide a productive day of fishing.

  • Private & Match Fishing
  • Match Record 204lbs 4oz

Specimen Lake: This is the largest fishery on the Milton complex stocked with good head of carp, and is the perfect for those targeting larger carp. Featuring carp up to 45lb and catfish up to 60lb. The lake’s numerous features, include overhanging trees and a central bed of lilies, make it an interesting and challenging water to explore.

  • Contains Large Carp to 45lbs
  • Contains Catfish to 65lbs
  • Great Pike Fishing Lake
30lbs 11oz Mirror Carp At Milton Fisheries
30lbs 11oz Mirror Carp At Milton Fisheries

Types of Carp Found At Milton Fisheries

Milton Pool Fisheries consists of lakes for specimen carp anglers and course fishing. The lakes have an abundance of fish including large catfish, tench, perch, and pike to 33lbs.

The Carp in Milton Fisheries include common and mirror carp to over 45lb. Leather, and ghost carp. Carp anglers can employ various techniques to target these fish effectively with float fishing with corn and maggots seeing good results.

Chad Lakes

Chad Lakes is a peaceful and scenic fishing venue located in the Oxfordshire countryside, close to the town of Bampton. The complex consists of two beautiful lakes: the larger Big Lake, which is a specimen carp water, and the smaller Spring Lake.

Moreover, Chad lakes are surrounded by lush greenery and mature trees, providing a tranquil and relaxing environment for a day of fishing. Chad Lakes is also a great destination for anglers looking for longer carp fishing sessions with bookings taken up to a week.

Address: Chipping Norton OX7 6XL Phone: 01451 831470 Web: Chad Lakes

  • Full Equipped On-Site Fishing Shop
  • Carp Ranging To 25lbs+
  • Ample Secure Car Parking
  • Outside Seating Area with AC Power
  • Chad Pool £20 for 24 Hours

Highlights of Chad Lake

Home Pool: The main lake and is well-known for its impressive stock of carp, with fish ranging from 10lb to over 25lb. The lake features a seated area, access to AC power. Several islands, gravel bars, and overhanging trees, providing plenty of areas to target.

Common Carp Caught at Home Pool
Image Credit: Chad Lakes Facebook Page

Chad Lake: The more intimate Spring Lake is a mixed fishery stocked with a variety of species, including carp, tench, bream, and roach. Its manageable size and diverse stock make it an ideal choice for anglers seeking a more relaxed and varied fishing experience.

Types of Carp Found At Chad Lakes

Chad Lakes is home to a variety of carp species, including common carp, mirror carp, and ghost carp. As well as bream, perch, roach and decent size tench. The lakes offer anglers a challenging environment with features, including islands, weed beds, and silt pockets.

Newland Angling Club (40lb Carp)

Newland Angling Club is a friendly and welcoming fishing club based in Witney, Oxfordshire. The club manages several excellent fishing waters in the area, offering a range of angling opportunities for both specimen carp anglers and pleasure anglers alike.

Specimen Lake Oxfordshire

The club’s primary venue is the specimen Lake, a picturesque and well-stocked carp lake. However, the club also manages Bents pool that features large carp, and Surman lake with smaller carp.

Address: Standlake Oxfordshire OX29 7TA Phone: 01993 702587 Web: Newland Club

  • Carp Ranging Up To 40lbs
  • Ample Secure Car Parking
  • All Rule Must Be Strictly Adhered to
  • Membership Card is Required

Types of Carp Found At Newland Fisheries

The Newland Lakes are home to a variety of carp species, including common carp, mirror carp, and ghost carp, with fish ranging from low doubles to over 39lb. The lakes also feature other fish species such as Tench, Pike, Roach, Perch and chub.

Large Common Carp Caught At Specimen Lake

Large Common Carp Caught At Specimen Lake
Image Credit: Carpworld

Joining the Newland Angling Club

To be able to fish at this venue you have to purchase a membership card, by either contacting the club via the telephone number listed above. Or visiting a local tackle shop such as, Didcot Angling Centre in Didcot. The Tackle Tavern in Bicester or the Ace Tackle in Kidlington.

Newland Club Prices – Adults £80 – Juniors £10

Benefits of Joining the Newland Angling Club

Access to multiple fishing venues: Joining Newland Angling Club grants members access to several excellent fishing waters in the area, providing diverse angling experiences.

Friendly Community: The club fosters a welcoming and inclusive environment, where members can share knowledge, learn from one another, and enjoy their passion for angling together.

Club events and matches: Newland Angling Club organizes various events and matches throughout the year, giving members the opportunity to compete, and develop their skills.

Conservation Management: The club is actively involved in the maintenance and management of its waters, ensuring a sustainable and high-quality angling experience for all members.

Farlows Lake (42lb Carp)

Farlows Lake is a premier fishing venue located in Iver, Buckinghamshire. The complex boasts over 30 acres of water and is surrounded by beautiful woodland and picturesque countryside, the lake offers a peaceful and serene atmosphere for carp angling.

Amenities include a huge well stocked tackle shop, known for unbeatable prices on everything from summer and winter carp fishing tackle to coarse, and predator tackle.

Farlows Lake

Unique Aspects of Farlows Lake

History and heritage: Farlows Lake has a reputation as a big fish water, with several notable captures, this storied past adds a sense of excitement and anticipation when fishing.

Diverse lakebed and features: The lake offers depths ranging from shallow margins to over 20 feet in some areas. The lakebed features gravel bars, plateaus, silt pockets, and weed beds, providing plenty of opportunities for anglers to locate and target carp.

Impressive stock and size of carp: Farlows Lake is home to a large head of carp, with fish ranging from low doubles to over 40lb. This lake is known for its stunning mirror carp, as well as impressive Common Carp and huge hard fighting Ghost carp.

Address: Ford Lane, Iver, Oxford SL0 9LL Phone: 01753 630302 Web: Farlows Lake

  • Carp Ranging Up To 42lbs
  • Fully Stocked Tackle Shop
  • Ample Secure Car Parking
  • Shower and Toilet Facilities
  • Pro Tip: Boilies and Carp Pellets
  • Prices: £30 For 24 Hours

Types of Carp Found At Farlows Lake

Farlows Lakes hold a variety of carp species, including mirror carp, common carp, and ghost carp. In addition, too many other species including large Pike and Tench.

Image Credit: Farlows Lake

Farlows lake number 1: This lake at Farlows is the most popular and is full of approximately 1,200 carp, averaging 24lbs. With several carp fish to 40lb and over thirty+ 30lb carp, with the largest resident, “the Pretty One,” achieving weights exceeding 42lbs.

Farlows lake number 2: This lake is known for good fishing at night and is full of a range of species including Pike, Perch, Tench and the dreaded Eels. However, in terms of Carp lake 2 is known to have double figures of carp at 30lb+ with a total population of around 500.

Horseshoe Lake

Horseshoe Lake is a fantastic venue for carp fishing. Horseshoe Lake is a beautiful, 62-acre lake nestled in the heart of the Cotswolds, near Lechlade in Oxfordshire. The lake is part of the renowned Carp Society’s portfolio of waters and is well-known for its incredible stock of carp, idyllic surroundings, and diverse angling opportunities.

Horseshoe Lake in Oxfordshire

Size and Layout of Horseshoe Lake

Horseshoe Lake has two main sections: the larger Summer Bay and the smaller Winter Bay. The lake features numerous islands, points, and bays, as well as an extensive network of bars, plateaus, silt pockets, and weed beds, providing a range of interesting areas to target carp. Depths vary across the lake, with shallow margins and depths of up to 14 feet.

Address: Burford Road, GL7 3QQ Phone: 01367 253959 Web: Horse Shoe Lake

  • Record Carp To 42lbs+
  • Fully Stocked Tackle Shop
  • Ample Secure Car Parking
  • Shower and Toilet Facilities
  • Lodges with Catering Facilities
  • Prices: £1.25 PH for Two Rods

Types of Carp Found In Horseshoe Lake

Horseshoe Lake is home to a healthy stock of mirror carp, common carp, and ghost carp, with fish ranging from low doubles to over 40lb. Targeting these magnificent fish is made easier as the owners of this classy lake like to meet and greet all arrivals and offer their best fishing tips. Including best bait tips, the choice of swim and suggest different fishing techniques.

Horse Shoe Lake Reviews
Amazing Reviews from Carp society members

Former Gravel Pit and River Thames

The Former Gravel Pit is a stunning, mature water situated in Oxfordshire, created as a result of gravel extraction. Surrounded by dense vegetation and mature trees, the gravel pit offers a picturesque and secluded angling experience. The River Thames is a vast, historic waterway that flows through Oxfordshire, providing numerous Carp fishing spots along its banks.

The Former Gravel Pit Oxfordshire

Top Carp Spots Within the Gravel Pit and The River

Former Gravel Pit: At this vast waterway look for areas with underwater features such as gravel bars, plateaus, or weed beds. Fishing near overhanging trees or areas with dense vegetation can also increase your chances of success.

River Thames: Some of the top carp fishing spots along the River Thames in Oxfordshire include the stretches near Abingdon, Wallingford, and Sandford-on-Thames. Look for features such as slack water, overhanging trees, or near locks and weirs, where carp will congregate.

Mirror Carp Caught on the Thames River
Image Credit:

Types of Carp Found Here

These waters are home to a variety of carp species, including mirror carp, common carp, and ghost carp. Other species include, large perch, pike and zander. Each of these types of fish can be caught with a wide variety of bait, from maggots and pellets to boilies and sweetcorn.

Fishing for carp on the River Thames is an especially popular, and with the right bait and techniques, you can land some truly huge carp. Remember to always be mindful of environmental regulations, bait restrictions, and rules set by authorities when fishing.

Clattercote Reservoir

Clattercote Reservoir is another fantastic carp fishing venue located in Oxfordshire, offering a unique experience for anglers of all skill levels. Clattercote Reservoir is a picturesque, 21-acre lake situated near Banbury in Oxfordshire.

Clattercote Reservoir Carp Fishing Venue

The reservoir is surrounded by lush vegetation including overhanging trees. It offers a peaceful and scenic fishing environment, and maintained facilities and an abundance of carp.

Highlights of Clattercote Reservoir

The Clattercote Reservoir is known for its high stock of carp, including mirror carp, common carp, and ghost carp. The average size of carp at Clattercote Reservoir is around 8 pounds, with larger specimens reaching 30 pounds or more. The venue offers a variety of features, such as islands, reed beds, and deep margins, creating diverse fishing opportunities.

Address: Banbury, OX17 1DR Phone: 07582837181 Web: Clattercote Reservoir

  • Carp Ranging to 30lbs+
  • Pre-Book for Night Fishing
  • Ample Car Parking + Toilets
  • Average depth 12ft to 25ft
  • Prices: £7.00 to £20

Types of Carp Found at Clattercote Reservoir

Clattercote Reservoir has an abundance of fish including large carp to 30lb, a good head of silver fish and roach, plus a few tench. All methods work but float fishing is best close in around the margins, with worms producing good catches of small silver fish. The carp respond well to pellets and boilies especially when fished over hemp and maggots.

Large Common Carp Caught At Clattercote Waters

Clattercote Reservoir offers excellent opportunities for stalking carp in the margins, particularly during the warmer months. Using small, inconspicuous rigs with hook baits such as bread, corn, or small boilies can result in thrilling, close-quarters action.

By exploring Clattercote Reservoir and using the right techniques, anglers can enjoy a memorable carp fishing experience in this beautiful Oxfordshire setting.

What is the Oxford Angling Alliance?

Oxford Angling Alliance is a collaboration of angling clubs and associations in Oxfordshire, working together to promote and develop the sport of fishing in this part of England. The Oxford alliance offers numerous benefits to carp fishermen looking to fish in Oxfordshire.

By joining the Oxford Angling Alliance, carp fishermen gain access to a wide range of fishing venues and waters in the area, increasing the opportunities for diverse and enjoyable carp fishing experiences. Members often benefit from discounted membership rates and access to exclusive waters managed by the participating clubs.

Additionally, the Oxford alliance provides a platform for anglers to share their knowledge, experiences, and tips about carp fishing in the region. This collaborative environment fosters camaraderie among members, promoting mutual learning and the sharing of best practices.

The Oxford Angling Alliance also works to protect and preserve the region’s fisheries, ensuring that future generations can enjoy the sport of carp fishing. By being a part of this alliance, carp fishermen contribute to the conservation and development of local fisheries, while benefiting from the collective resources and knowledge of the participating clubs.

Are there Carp in the Oxford Canal?

The Oxford Canal offers some excellent Carp fishing opportunities. The Oxford Canal is a historic waterway stretching over 77 miles from Oxford to Coventry, passing through the Oxfordshire countryside. The canal is characterized by its narrow width, shallow depth, and numerous mooring points, making it an interesting venue for carp fishing. The Oxford Canal is home to a variety of carp species, including mirror carp, and common carp.


We have explored some of the best Carp fishing lakes in Oxfordshire, offering unique experiences for specimen carp anglers of all skill levels. From the well-stocked Linear Fisheries and Orchid Lakes to the scenic River Thames, there’s a diverse range of locations.

As an experienced angler, I encourage you to explore these fantastic fishing spots and fully embrace the carp fishing this part of the UK has to offer. You may also like to check out the best Carp Lakes in Hertfordshire, just an hour’s drive away with some unique opportunities.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a newcomer, you should venture out to one of these amazing specimen fishing spots and create some amazing memories. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter to stay updated on the latest carp fishing news, tips, and advice.

Tight Lines, Happy fishing!

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