The 10 Best Carp Lakes in Cornwall (Specimen Fishing)



Best Carp Lakes in Cornwall

Here you will find a list of some of the best carp lakes in Cornwall. If you’re an angler looking for an exciting place to fish, the county of Cornwall is an excellent destination. Not only is the weather in Cornwall some of the best the UK has to offer, but even during the winter months, it is generally mild and pleasant, and so are the fishing opportunities.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top carp fishing lakes in Cornwall. This list includes information about amenities, types of carp fish found, and brief introductions to each location.

Bake Lakes (35lb Carp)

Bake Lakes is a family-run fishery located in Trerulefoot, in the southernmost part of Cornwall. Situated in 30 acres of picturesque Cornish countryside and boasts three lakes that hold a significant number of Carp, including Caesar’s Palace Lake, which is stocked with fish weighing up to 25lb, and Luxor Lake, a 5-acre specimen lake with 30lb Carp.

If you’re looking for a serious Carp fishing experience in Cornwall, Bake Lakes is a top destination. With dedicated Carp fishing lakes stocked with impressive sizes of fish, it’s the perfect place for avid Carp anglers. Additionally, the peaceful and scenic surroundings make it an enjoyable spot for all types of anglers looking to beat their personal best.

Amenities At Bake Lakes

Bake Lakes is a top Carp fishing venue located in the southern region of England. This fishery is equipped with ample on-site parking and accessible toilets for both abled and disabled visitors. Additionally, there is an on-site shop that sells fishing tackle, bait, and snacks, making it a convenient destination for anglers of all levels.

Address: Trerulefoot, PL12 5BW Phone: 07798 585836 Web: Bake Lakes

  • Three Well Stocked Carp Fishing Lakes
  • Environment Agency Rod Licence Water
  • Several Big Carp Species To 35lb+
  • Good On-site Parking Facilities
  • On-Site Shop For Food & Tackle
  • Prices: £25 for 24 hours 3 Rods
  • Day Tickets from £15.00

Fish Species At Bake Lakes

Bake Lakes is home to several lakes, including Caesar’s Palace Lake, which is stocked with Carp weighing between 10lb to over 25lb. The Luxor Lake is another popular destination for Carp anglers, as it is home to a good number of Carp up to 30lbs.

Big Common Carp Caught At Bake Lakes

Big Common Carp Caught At Bake Lakes Fishery
Image Credit: Go Catch Fish

Aside from the two main Carp fishing lakes, the other lakes in Bake Lakes also provide plenty of angling opportunities. These lakes hold a variety of fish species, including Bream, Tench, Roach, Rudd, and Perch. Additionally, there is a good number of smaller Silver fish, making them ideal destinations for those who enjoy mixed-species fishing.

Oakside Fishery

Oakside Fishery is a popular lake for both Carp and coarse fishing enthusiasts, located in Newquay. The lake is well-maintained and features plenty of overhanging trees, as well as four islands and a variety of underwater shelves that anglers can take advantage of.

Oakside Fishery In Cornwall

The natural beauty of the surroundings and the thoughtful design of the lake make Oakside Fishery an excellent location for Carp fishing in Cornwall. With an abundance of features both above and below the water, giving anglers plenty of opportunities to target fish.

Address: Newquay TR8 4QL Phone: 07773224243 Web: Oakside Fishery

  • Well Stocked Fishing Lake
  • Lake Record Carp To 30lb
  • Good Onsite Parking Facilities
  • Day Tickets Prices From £10.00
  • Prices: £15 for 24 hours 2 Rods

Amenities At Oakside Fishery

Oakside Fishery provides ample parking and accessible toilet facilities for both abled and disabled body anglers. A fishing tackle shop can be found nearby in Newquay. Additionally, each swim offers plenty of space for anglers to set up a bivvy or two.

Fish Species At Oakside Fishery

Oakside lake is stocked with a good head of Carp to 30lb, large Tench and Bream, Roach, Rudd, Perch, and fishes well in the margins with bright coloured baits.

Upper Tamar Lake (36lb Carp)

Upper Tamar Lake is a picturesque 81-acre fishing lake located on the Cornwall-Devon border. The perfect destination for specimen and coarse fishing anglers of all levels, stocked with an abundance of Carp species weighing up to 35lb. With its diverse fish population and stunning scenery, Upper Tamar Lake is an ideal location for both experienced and novice anglers looking for a challenge.

Tamar Lakes In Cornwall

“Upper Tamar Lake was voted the best still water fishery in the UK in 2021!”

Amenities At Upper Tamar Lake

Upper Tamar Lake offers on-site toilets and shower facilities, as well as a campsite, making it an ideal destination for a weekend getaway with family and friends. Anglers also have the option to hire fishing lodges that come equipped with everything they need for a comfortable stay. Additionally, food is easily accessible on-site. Making Upper Tamar Lake a great destination to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and the thrill of catching big fish.

Address: Bude, EX23 9SB Phone: 01288 321262 Web: SW Lake Trust

  • Well Stocked Fishing Lake
  • Camping, Tent, Motorhome Site
  • Onsite Showers and Toilets
  • Fishing Lodge at £10 Per Night
  • Good Head of Carp To 36lb+
  • Good Car Parking Facilities
  • Cost: 24 Hour Permit £22.00
  • Cost: Day Tickets At £10
  • Season tickets Are Available
Huge Mirror Carp Caught at Tamar Fishery
Image Credit: SW Lake Trust

Fish Species At Upper Tamar Lake

Upper Tamar Lake is stocked with an abundance of Carp species, with the Common Carp weighing up to 34.04lb and the Mirror Carp weighing up to 36.08lb, a top destination for specimen anglers. Additionally, the lake offers a variety of other fish species, including Bream, Perch, Eels, Roach, and Rudd. So there is something for every type of angler.

Trebellan Park (Fishing Holiday)

Trebellan Park is a beautiful family-owned park located in Newquay, providing visitors with a variety of accommodations options including camping facilities, luxury caravans, and lodges. With its picturesque surroundings and convenient amenities, Trebellan Park is a perfect Cornish getaway destination for anglers of all levels.

Trebellan Park Carp fishing Lake

The park’s well-stocked lake offers excellent fishing opportunities for Carp and course fishing, perfect for experienced anglers and beginners, Trebellan Park’s lake provides a tranquil and scenic location to enjoy the outdoors and catch fish.

Address: Newquay, TR8 5PY Phone: 01637 830522 Web: Trebellan Park

  • Well Stocked Fishing Lake
  • Self Catering Luxury caravans
  • Apartments with Swimming Pools
  • Day Tickets and Memberships
  • Decent Size Carp To 30lb+
  • Good Parking Facilities
  • Price: Day Tickets From £6.00
  • No Night Fishing Allowed

Amenities At Trebellan Park

Trebellan Park offers an abundance of top-notch facilities, including ample on-site parking, lakeside cabins, and luxury accommodation, making it an ideal destination for a fishing trip or family getaway. The park is perfect for families, with plenty of activities for children to enjoy and just a short walk to Cornwall’s popular golden beaches and other attractions.

Trebellan Park Accommodation

Fish Species At Trebellan Park

Trebellan Park offers anglers the opportunity to catch some truly impressive fish, with a good head of Carp that can weigh up to 30lb, as well as many other fish species including Tench, Roach, Rudd, Perch, and Bream. The Common and Mirror Carp are the most commonly found Carp species in the Trebellan Lake, providing a variety of fishing experiences.

Meadow Lakes (Fishing Holiday)

Meadow Lakes holiday park is a tranquil and action packed location near St. Austell Cornwall. The fishery provides a good selection of fishing lakes suitable for beginners and experienced anglers. The four lakes include the Willow & Heron Lake, the Kingfisher, both home to a good head of smaller Carp. While the lake you should consider to land the bigger Carp fish is the Oak Lake. Meadow Lakes specimen lake, with a good head of double figure Carp up to 20lb.

Meadows Park Oak Lake Cornwall

Amenities At Meadow Lakes

The Meadow Lakes holiday complex is a bustling destination that provides a variety of amenities, including secure on-site parking, showers, and toilets, As well as fully furnished self-catering lodges and luxury caravans for longer stays.

The complex also features a heated pool and plenty of entertainment options, making it an ideal destination for families or groups of friends seeking a fun-filled vacation. Ensuring Meadow Lakes is an excellent option for anglers seeking a peaceful and convenient fishing experience and is a top choice for a action packed fishing holiday in Cornwall.

Address:  Saint Austell PL26 7JG Phone: 01726 882540 Web: Meadow Lakes

  • Three Well Stocked Fishing Lakes
  • Minutes Away From Big Attractions
  • A Dog Friendly Holiday Site
  • Decent Head of Carp To 20lb+
  • Excellent Parking Facilities
  • Price: Day Tickets £10

Fish Species At Meadow Lakes

Meadow Lakes is a well maintained fishing complex with double figure Carp up to 20lb. including Ghost Carp, Common and Mirror Carps. The coarse fishing lakes are home to good size Tench, Roach, Rudd, Perch, and decent Bream and smaller Carp are all present.

Hacche Moor Fishery (40lb Carp)

Hacche Moor Fishery is located near South Molton, surrounded by outstanding natural beauty and provides fantastic fishing opportunities for dedicated Carp anglers, with an abundance of well-stocked lakes. It features not just one main specimen lake, the fishery boasts three Carp lakes, stocked to the brim with fish, and you can catch big Carp that weigh up to 40lb.

Hacche Moor Fishery Cornwall

The beautiful setting of Hacche Moor Fishery and the diversity of lakes also provides opportunities for anglers of all levels and interests. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting out, Hacche Moor Fishery will deliver a memorable and rewarding fishing experience in Cornwall.

Address: South Molton EX36 3EH Phone: 07814510580 Web: Hacche Moor Fishery

  • Three Stocked Carp Fishing Lakes
  • On-Site BBQ  and Picnic Area
  • Lakeside Summer House
  • Several Big Carp To Over 40lb
  • Good Parking Facilities
  • Price: From £90 For 24 Hours

Amenities At Hacche Moor Fishery

While the on-site amenities are minimal at the Hacche Moor lake complex compared to other fisheries in the Cornwall area, there is enough of what you might need. Such as ample on-site parking, on-site BBQ area’s with accessible wooden summer houses. Still, Hacche Moor Fishery is a great option for dedicated anglers looking for a secluded fishing experience.

Large Common Carp Caught At Hacche Moor Fishery
Image Credit: Hacche Moor Fishery

Fish Species At Hacche Moor Fishery

The Hacche Moor lakes include three lakes home to some huge Mirror and Common Carp. Top Lake features many double figure Carp up to 40lb. Bottom Lake the most densely populated lake on the fishery with over 100 fish to 30lb, and a big head of Carp in their 20’s. Finally, Jake’s Lake is the smallest spot and houses many large Carp in the twenties and thirties.

Amalwhidden Farm

Amalwhidden Farm is a quiet and secluded family-run fishery located in Saint Ives, Cornwall. The fishery consists of two well-stocked fishing lakes. Fir Tree Pond and the 1.5-acre Heron Lake are stocked with Mirror, grass carp and Common Carp in double figures, and a good number of Crucian Carp, Tench, Roach, and Bream. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting out, Amalwhidden Farm provides an opportunity for a rewarding fishing trip.

Fir Tree Pond At Amalwhidden Farm Cornwall

Amenities At Amalwhidden Farm

With ample on-site parking, toilet and washing facilities. Amalwhidden Farm has a stocked tackle shop and light snacks and hot drinks can ordered on-site. Although, the lakes are geared towards course fishing they would be suitable for carp anglers new to the sport.

Address: Saint Ives TR26 3AR Phone: 07842089760 Web: Amalwhidden Farm

  • Three Mainly Course Fishing Lakes
  • On-site Tackle & Bait Shop
  • Many Double Figure Carp (15lb)
  • Site Can Accommodate Caravan’s
  • Fishing Tuition Can Be Booked
  • Toilet and Washing Facilities
  • Price: Day Ticket From £8.00
  • No Night Fishing Allowed

Fish Species At Amalwhidden Farm

At Amalwhidden Farm, anglers can expect to catch a variety of fish species, including many double-figure Mirror and Common Carp, as well as decent size Bream, Tench, Crucian Carp, Perch, and Roach. With its beautiful natural surroundings, Amalwhidden Farm fishing lakes are a top choice for any angler planning a trip to Cornwall.

Gwinear Fishing Lakes (30lb Carp)

Gwinear Lakes is one of the best day ticket waters in Newquay, Cornwall, featuring two fishing lakes: the Specimen Lake and the Pleasure Lake. The lakes are stocked with Carp up to 20lb and several larger 30lb specimens. With its scenic surroundings, including reeds, wildflowers, and overhanging trees, makes Gwinear Lakes an excellent destination.

Gwinear Fishing Lakes carp

Address: Newquay TR8 5JX Phone: 01637210045 Web: Gwinear Lakes

  • Two Well Stocked Fishing Lake
  • Excellent Day Ticket Venue
  • Several Decent Carp To 30lb+
  • Fully Stocked On-site Tackle Shop
  • Toilet and Shower Facilities
  • Double-glazed Camping Pods
  • Prices: Day tickets At £14.00
  • Price: Night Fishing At £28.00

Amenities At Gwinear Lakes

With ample on-site parking and toilet, washing and camping facilities, Gwinear Lakes is a great option for anglers looking for a comfortable and convenient fishing holiday.

Large Mirror Carp Caught At Gwinear Waters Cornwall
Image Credit: Gwinear Fishery

Fish Species At Gwinear Lakes

Anglers visiting Gwinear Lakes can expect to catch a variety of fish species, including many double-figure Mirror and Common Carp, as well as several fish weighing above 30lb. Additionally, the lakes hold a good number of other fish species, such as Bream and Tench.

Furzebray Carp Lakes

Furzebray Specimen Lakes is one of UK’s premier fishing destinations located in South Molton, Devon, a premier Carp fishing destination located in the Devon Countryside. The fishery features three well-maintained lakes, including Island Lake with 46lb fish, Willow Pool and Copse Lake with Carp to 34lb, making it one of the best carp fishing holiday venues in the South West of England.

Furzebray Lakes Devon Cornwall

Address: North Devon, EX36 4ER Phone: 01769 572653 Web: Furzebray Lakes

  • Best Carp Fishing In The South West,
  • Three Well-Stocked Fishing Lakes
  • Luxury Self-Catering Accommodation
  • Superb Head of Carp To 46lb+
  • Many Great Attractions Nearby
  • On site Toilets and Showers
  • Prices: From £250 Per 48 Hours

Amenities At Furzebray Carp Lakes

Furzebray Carp Lakes is an excellent destination for serious carp anglers looking to catch large Carp. The fishery offers ample on-site parking, toilets, and washing facilities, as well as luxury self-catering accommodation options, including lodges and barn conversions. Although the prices may be high, the opportunity to catch some monsters makes it well worth a visit.

The Map of Furzebray Carp Fishery

Fish Species At Furzebray Carp Lakes

Furzebray Carp fishery is a destination that only houses the best of the best fish, including 100+ fish to over 46lb + with some 30 pound Carp and loads of twenty pounders too.

Huge Mirror Carp At Furzebray Island Lake

While the Willow Pool fishery is home to over 150 carp up to 34lb+ and the smallest lake here, Copse lake has over 50 fish to 34lb. What is not to love about this Cornish venue.


Cornwall is home to some of the best carp fishing lakes in the UK, whether you are looking for a peaceful fishing experience or a looking to take on something a little more challenging, there’s something for everyone in Cornwall’s beautiful Carp fishing lakes.

If you have travelled from the North of England, you would have passed through Somerset. Then you need to check out the best Carp fishing lakes in Somerset. Featuring the Festival Carp Fishery with Carp to over 50lb, including the famous Rosie at 48lb.

Whether you’re an experienced angler or new to this popular sport, be sure to check out these amazing Carp fishing spots and don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter to stay updated on the latest carp fishing news, tips, and fishing advice.

Tight Lines, Happy Fishing!

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