12 Best Carp Fishing Lakes in Somerset (Specimen Fisheries)



Carp Fishing Lakes in Somerset

Welcome to our guide showcasing Somerset’s top fisheries! This picturesque county in South West England boasts numerous well-stocked carp fishing lakes, perfect for anglers of all abilities. Keep reading to see the 12 best carp fishing lakes in Somerset, each offering a blend of stunning landscapes, abundant fish stocks, and superb on-site amenities.

Bearley Lakes

Located in the heart of Somerset, Bearley Lakes offers an idyllic fishing experience. Consisting of two well-stocked fishing lakes. Willow Lake and Rowan Lake are well maintained and packed with a selection of course fish and Carp. Bearly Lakes is situated just 2 miles from the A303 near Yeovil and is set within 3.5 acres of outstanding natural beauty.

Bearley Lakes Fishery Somerset

On-site Amenities At Bearley Lakes

Bearley Lakes offers excellent on-site amenities, including free secure car parking, and on-site caravans with double and twin rooms catering for up to 4 fishermen. The caravan also includes a tackle shed with a bait fridge freezer and a secluded BBQ area. Making Bearley Lakes the perfect destination for day fishing, night fishing, or a week-long Carp session.

Address: Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 8PE Phone: 07964949730 Web: Bearley Lakes

  • Holiday Caravans At Bearley Lakes
  • Two Well-Stocked Fishing Lakes
  • Tackle Shop Located 6 Miles Away
  • Secure On-Site Car Parking
  • Large Carp Fish Over 30lb+
  • Price: Varies
Large Mirror Carp Caught In Somerset
Image Credit: Carpfeed

Fish Species At Bearley Lakes

Bearley Lakes Fishery features two well-stocked lakes with a variety of other fish, including Ghost Carp, Mirror Carps, Common Carp, and Grass Carp up to 38 lbs. The lakes also host Chub, Roach, Rudd, Perch, and other silverfish.

Willow Lake, the biggest of the two lakes, spans 3.5 acres and is known for its numerous large carp. Surrounded by lush greenery, it houses over 330 carp weighing up to 38 pounds. Rowan Lake, the smallest water body, is set on 2 acres and contains large carp up to 30 lbs. Both lakes feature private caravans that can be booked online through their website. 

Avalon Fisheries

Avalon Fisheries is nestled in Shapwick Wetlands, a stunning part of the Somerset countryside. It is known for its picturesque beauty and wildlife with a lively nature reserve nearby. The Avalon Fishery offers two well-maintained fishing lakes. Heath Lake and Moors Lake. Offering match fishing, day ticket, and specimen carp angling.

Avalon Lakes Fishery In Somerset

On-site Amenities At Avalon Lakes

The Avalon Fishery complex offers up-to-date on-site amenities, including a large car park, fully stocked tackle shop, and toilet facilities. Night fishing is also available. You can also book the specimen carp lake for up to 120 hours plus an additional 24 hours if desired.

Address: Shapwick Rd, Meare BA6 9TT Phone: 07855825059 Web: Avalon Lakes

  • On-site Fishing Tackle Shop
  • Two Well-Stocked Fishing Lakes
  • Large On-Site Car Parking
  • On-site Toilet Facilities
  • Common Carp Over 30lb+
  • Price: From £14.00

Fish Species In Avalon Lakes

Avalon Lakes Fishery is home to some really mighty fish. The specimen lake is known to have the largest head of mid to high-20s Carp fish in the region with Carp to over 30lb. The lake’s other fish stock includes Chub, Bream, Roach, Rudd, Perch, and hybrid fish.

Thorney Lakes

Thorney Lakes located in Somerset, boasting a four-acre lake amidst dark green woodlands, providing an idyllic setting for anglers to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The Thorney Lake is well stocked with some good size Carp, and a variety of coarse fish, so you will find something here. Thorney Lakes also has several other activities on offer when you are done fishing with several local pubs, restaurants, and other attractions nearby.

Thorney Lakes in Somerset

On-site Amenities At Thorney Lakes

Thorney lakes offers a range of on-site amenities and attractions for travelling Carp anglers, including camping and caravanning spots. Which are only a short walk away from the lake itself, they offer access to onsite toilets with solar powered showers, and other washing facilities.

Address: Langport TA10 0DW, UK Phone: 01458 250811 Web: Thorney Lakes

  • Camping Holiday Destination
  • Large Well-Stocked Fishing Lake
  • Large On-Site Car Parking
  • On-site Toilet Facilities
  • Common Carp Over 25lb+
  • Day Ticket Water Only
  • Price: From £10.00

Fish Species In Thorney Lakes

The 2-acre Thorney Lake is home to a wide selection of coarse specimen fish including large Carp up to 25 lbs, Bream, Roach, Tench, Goldfish, Chub, Perch, and some Eels.

Unfortunately, night fishing is not allowed. If you are looking for a decent lake that offers day tickets to catch some good fish, Thorney Lakes Fishery is one to consider.

Trinity Waters Fishery

Trinity Waters Fishery is a family-run venue featuring five well-stocked fishing lakes in the charming countryside setting of Bridgewater, Somerset. There are some good-sized carp here and the natural surroundings make for a peaceful fishing experience.

The lakes offer a variety of fishing options for both beginners and experienced anglers, from Chandos Lake with a large head of double-figure carp to canal-style coarse fishing of Ash Lake. You will find everything you need to make your day or night successful.

Trinity waters fishery in Somerset

On-site Amenities At Trinity Waters

Trinity Waters Fishery offers some excellent on-site amenities that will ensure an exciting yet comfortable fishing experience for all. Accommodation includes several well-equipped lodges featuring fully fitted kitchens, utility rooms, and shower rooms with toilets.

Each lodge has a picnic table and a tackle shed for convenience. The fishery is wheelchair accessible, ensuring a pleasant experience for disabled anglers. Visitors have a dedicated car park, and there are separate toilet blocks for men, women, and disabled guests.

Address: Chilton Trinity, Bridgwater TA5 2BQ Phone: 07896982567 Web: Trinity Waters

  • Five Well-Stocked Fishing Lakes
  • Self Catering Fishing Lodges
  • On-Site Car Parking Available
  • Good Head of Carp to 31lb
  • Price: Night Fishing £20.00
  • Price: Day Fishing from £7.00

Fish Species In Trinity Waters

Trinity Waters features five well-stocked fishing lakes, catering to both specimen carp and coarse fishing anglers, with each lake varying in size. The Chandos (main Carp lake) and Wildmarsh Lakes, have a variety of Carp up to 31lb, Grass Carp up to 25lb, and Crucian Carp up to 3lb. They also host Tench, Bream, Perch, Roach, Rudd, Barbel, and Chub.

Other lakes at the Trinity Waters Fishery include Ash Lake, which has three islands and a canal-style setting with Carp nearing 20lbs. Lastly, Woodland Lake and Middlemarsh Lake, both around 2 acres in size, are geared towards pleasure fishing, housing Carp over 12lb.

Viaduct Fishery

The Viaduct Fishery complex is located on Dew Water Lane in Somerton, and a popular fishing destination in Somerset, great for both novice and experienced anglers. The complex boasts six well-maintained lakes, four of which are specifically designed for specimen carp anglers.

Viaduct Fishery In Somerset

Each lake offers a unique and diverse aquatic environment with a variety of fish species to target. Surrounded by beautiful and natural countryside, Viaduct Fishery provides a serene and picturesque setting, allowing anglers to fully immerse themselves in the peaceful big of carp. The fishery also offers lakeside holiday cottages which are great for family vacations.

Address: Dew Water Ln, Somerton TA11 6LJ Phone: 01458 274022 Web: Viaduct Lakes

  • Six Well-Stocked Fishing Lakes
  • Premium Carp Fishing Lodges
  • On-Site Car Parking & Tackle Shop
  • Good Head of Carp to 30lb
  • No Night Fishing
  • Day Fishing from £10.00

On-site Amenities At The Viaduct Fishery

The Viaduct Fishery on-site facilities include ample parking and a café, further enhance the angling experience. A fully stocked tackle shop which is open seven days a week and stocks most baits, if they do not have the bait you want, the guys at the fishery will order it for you.

What’s more, the fishery has toilet and shower facilities, if you are feeling peckish you can order hot or cold food and have it delivered straight to your swim. All this amounts to a good blend of top-notch fishing in a tranquil atmosphere, Viaduct Fishery stands out as a must-visit destination.

Viaduct Fisheries Norwegian log cabins
Image Credit: Viaduct Fishery

Fish Species In The Viaduct Fishery

The Viaduct Fishery complex boasts four main carp fishing lakes: Spring and Middle Lake, are home to some of the largest carp in the complex, reaching up to 27 lbs. These lakes also feature holiday lodges conveniently situated along the edge of the lake.

While Lodge Lake, located near the tackle shop, offers carp to 20lb, as well as numerous silver fish. Cary Lake, popular for its large carp, is known as “Scary Cary” due to its size. This lake has excellent carp up to the mid-20s and consistently produces catches in the low 20s.

Bullock Farm

Bullock Farm, a family-run fishery, and is located in Kingston Seymour, a short drive from Clevedon The lake complex features five well-stocked lakes surrounded by picturesque countryside. However, only one lake is specified as a Carp angling lake holding Carp up to 27lbs. Bullock Farm is a great fishing holiday destination in the Sommerset countryside.

Bullock Farm Carp Lake In Somerset

On-site Amenities At Bullock Farm

The Bullock Farm complex has it all, including self-catering holiday accommodation with a fully kitted out campsite, and several luxury cottages for hire. Bullock Farm also has an abundance of fishing lakes from course fishing to specimen Carp fishing. But there is only one Carp fishing lake, this venue is a perfect spot for family vacations.

Address: Back Ln, Clevedon BS21 6XA Phone: 01943 835020 Web: Bullock Farm

  • Five Well-Stocked Fishing Lakes
  • Camping or Holiday Cottages
  • Secure On-Site Car Parking
  • Decent Carp Fish to 27lb+
  • No Night Fishing Allowed
  • Day Fishing from £9.00

Fish Species At Bullock Farm

Bullock Farm features a carp fishing lake with a diverse selection of carp up to 27lbs, including Common Carp, Mirror Carp, and Crucian Carp. Additionally, the lake is home to a substantial population of silverfish. Experienced anglers, such as Shawn Kittridge, have enjoyed impressive catches at this location, with bags of carp exceeding 243lb in a single session.

Burton Springs

Burton Springs, located in West Somerset at the base of the Quantock Hills, provides a relaxing and rewarding fishing and outdoor experience for all. This popular holiday and fishing venue offers a range of accommodations, from camping and glamping to caravanning. Burton Springs features three well-stocked fishing lakes with a diverse array of fish, including large carp and catfish.

Burton Springs Somerset

On-site Amenities At Burton Springs

The on-site amenities at Burton Springs Fishery include a fully stocked fishing bait shop that also sells snacks and drinks. The venue offers several shower and toilet facilities as well as a 24-hour recreational room available to all guests. The recreational room features games and a fridge for anglers to use during their stay.

Address: Burton, Bridgwater, TA5 1QB Phone: 01278 732135 Web: Burton Springs

  • Three Well-Stocked Fishing Lakes
  • Well Stocked Bait On-site Shop
  • Shower & Washroom Facilities
  • Food and Drink Available
  • Head of Carp Fish to 30lb+
  • 24 Hour Fishing £26.00

Fish Species At Burton Springs

Burton Springs features three fishing lakes, each offering a unique angling experience. Kingfisher Lake is home to carp exceeding 27lb and massive catfish reaching over 80lb. Alder Lake, a coarse fishing lake, houses large stocks of silverfish, such as bream, roach, and Rudd, as well as sizable tench, perch, and a population of crucian carp.

Large Mirror Carp Caught At Burton Springs
Image Credit: Burton Springs

The primary carp fishing lake at Burton Springs is the Specimen Carp Lake, which is known for its large carp weighing over 30lb. The lake contains mirror carp, common carp, and grass carp, with many fish reaching double figures in weight.

Emerald Pool

Emerald Pool fishery is set in eight acres of lush greenery in the South West of England. A beautiful fishery nestled in the Somerset countryside, featuring four well-stocked lakes. The lakes include the Emerald Lake which holds plenty of Carp and many in double figures.

Emerald Pool fishery somerset

Moreover, Sapphire Lake, Ruby Lake are geared towards course anglers. While the most popular lake for Carp anglers is Jade, the specimen Carp lake with 100’s of decent fish to 30lb. With a wide variety of well-established species including, Mirror Carp, Common Carp, Ghost Carp, Leather Carp, and Koi Carp. Giving the angler a choice of fishing methods to enjoy their carp session.

Address: West Huntspill, TA9 3NL Phone: 01278 794707 Web: Emerald Pool

  • Four Well-Stocked Fishing Lakes
  • Self Catering Holiday Cottages
  • On-Site Toilet Facilities
  • Food and Drink Available
  • Head of Carp Fish to 30lb+
  • Day Ticket Price £10.00
  • 24 Hour Fishing £25.00

On-site Amenities At Emerald Pool

Emerald Pool Fishery offers a range of amenities including four well-stocked fishing lakes, catering to different angling preferences. Visitors can enjoy self-catering holiday cottages, providing a cozy and convenient accommodation option during their stay. The fishery also includes on-site toilet facilities for added comfort. Food and drink are available at the venue.

Big Carp At Emerald Pool Fishery
Image Credit: Emerald Fishery

Fish Species At Emerald Pool

Emarald Pool fishery is home to a good head of Carp, including Mirror Carp, Common Carp, Ghost Carp, Leather Carp, and Koi Carp. With some weighing close to 30lbs. What’s more, the lakes also feature Sturgeon, Tench, Perch, Bream, Golden Orfe, Barbel, Roach and Rudd.

Festival Carp Fishery (50lb Carp)

Festival Carp Fishery is a tranquil venue located in Sharpham, just outside the renowned town of Glastonbury. The fishery features a sizeable carp lake, home to enormous fish approaching 50lb (with the lake record being Rosie at 48lb). It serves as the ideal Somerset carp fishing destination for serious specimen anglers.

Festival Carp Fishery somerset

Address: Sharpham, Glastonbury, BA16 9SF Phone: 07789 003044 Web: Festival Lake

  • Stocked Big Carp Fishing Lake
  • On-site Car Parking Available
  • Toilets and Shower Facilities
  • Huge Carp Fish to 48lb+
  • Book Full Week At £180.00
  • 24 Hour Fishing At £30.00

On-site Amenities At Festival Carp Fishery

Festival Carp Fishery is home to large fish, while offering minimal but functional amenities. During the summer months, toilet and shower facilities are available, and an eco-toilet system is used throughout the winter. On-site parking is provided for visitors, and the nearest fishing tackle shop is located a couple of miles away.

Mirror Carp at Festival Fishery
Image Credit: Festival Lake

Fish Species At Festival Carp Fishery

One of the main attractions of this popular Somerset carp fishing lake is the impressive size of the carp it houses. Festival Carp Lake is home to over 400 large fish, including Common Carp up to 40lb and Mirror Carp up to 50lb. The lake boasts around 30 to 40 carp in the 30lb range and several fish exceeding 40lb, making it a sought-after destination for anglers.

Follyfoot Fishery

FollyFoot Fishery, nestled in the heart of the Somerset Levels, provides a serene and secluded environment for anglers. Unlike some venues where fishing partners are not allowed, FollyFoot Fishery extends a warm welcome to all guests, ensuring a friendly atmosphere. The fishery’s three-acre lake is home to an impressive population of fish, with many weighing in at double figures.

Follyfoot Fishery somerset

Address: North Petherton, TA6 6NW Phone: 07748400904 Web: FollyFoot Lakes

  • Three Acre Fishing Lake
  • Well Stocked Fishing Shop
  • On-site Car Parking Available
  • Lake Side Wooden Huts
  • Huge Carp Fish to 28lb+
  • Book Day Ticket £12.00
  • 24 Hour Fishing At £25.00

On-site Amenities At Follyfoot Fishery

Follyfoot Fishery offers a range of on-site amenities to enhance the fishing experience. Guests can book wooden huts with battery-powered lights, accommodating up to two anglers. Additionally, a well-stocked fishing tackle shop is available on-site, and the fishery provides secure car parking and is equipped with security fencing and a lockable gate to ensure safety during night time hours.

Wooden Hut at FollyFoot Fishery
Lake Side Wooden Hut At FollyFoot Lake

Fish Species At Follyfoot Fishery

Follyfoot Lake in Sommerset is heavily stocked with a good head of fish, including Mirror Carp, and Common Carp and Ghost Carp to 30lbs. You may also catch Koi Carp. What’s more, the lakes also holds, Tench, Perch, Bream, Roach and other silver fish.

Pavyotts Mill Fishery (50lb Carp)

Pavyotts Mill Fishery is a premier carp fishing lake complex nestled in a picturesque valley in East Coker, Somerset. It offers specimen anglers a peaceful and rewarding fishing experience, with the opportunity to catch large carp up to 50lb.

Pavyotts Mill Fishery Maze Lake

The Pavyotts Mill fishery features three well-stocked lakes: the largest, Maze Lake (above); Kingfisher Lake; and the smallest, Woodpecker Lake. Each lake boasts a substantial population of carp, ensuring a diverse and enjoyable angling adventure for all.

Address: East Coker, Yeovil, BA22 9HB Phone: 07913 953844 Web: Pavyotts Mill

  • Three Well Stocked Fishing Lakes
  • On-site Car Parking Available
  • Food Can Be Ordered On-site
  • On-site Wooden Huts with Beds
  • Huge Head of Carp to 52lb
  • Prices From £80.00 (2 People)

On-site Amenities At Pavyotts Mill

Pavyotts Mill Fishery offers on-site amenities such as a secure car park. Upon arrival, guests are provided with supplies including a cradle, landing net, sling, and a card outlining the fishery’s strict rules that must be adhered to. Anglers are kindly requested to record their catch. Guests also have access to a wooden hut for their convenience.

Kingfisher Lake At Pavyotts Fishery
Kingfisher Lake At Pavyotts Fishery

Fish Species At Pavyotts Mill

The lakes at Pavyotts Mill Fishery include, Maze Lake, home to carp reaching up to 52lb, while Kingfisher Lake houses carp up to 34lb. The smallest lake, Woodpecker Lake, holds a good stock of fish in double figures. Anglers can find a mix of Common Carp, Mirror Carp, and Grass Carp across these lakes, providing an engaging and varied fishing species.

Plantations Lake

Plantations Lake is a well-maintained fishery surrounded by lush greenery and rolling hills and ran by the Travis family with many years of history. The lakes are situated near Kingston Seymour in Clevedon and consists of three fishing lakes. All varying in size, the specimen Carp lake features decent Carp up to 25lbs and plenty of double-figure fish too.

Plantation Carp Lake Somerset

On-site Amenities At Plantations Lake

Plantations Lake offers a range of amenities for anglers, including a fully stocked fishing tackle shop, on-site car parking, and a convenient booking system through their app. This app allows day tickets and night fishing reservations. Additionally, the fishery provides the option to hire fishing tackle, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

Address: Kingston Seymour, BS21 6XW Phone: 01934 902200 Web: Plantation Lakes

  • Three Stocked Fishing Lakes
  • On-site Car Parking Available
  • Fully Stocked On-site Tackle Shop
  • Need To Book For Night Fishing
  • Fishing Tackle Rental Available
  • Wide Range of Carp to 25lb
  • Day Ticket Prices £12.00

Fish Species At Plantations Lake

Plantations Fishery offers diverse fishing opportunities for all skill levels, with a variety of fish including carp up to 25lb, Bream, Tench, Roach, and Rudd. Horseshoe Lake is a match fishing lake, stocked with F1 Carp, Chub, Bream, Perch, Roach, and Rudd. Jubilee Lake, another appealing feature of the fishery, is home to species like Common, Mirror, and Ghost Carp.


Somerset, an area of outstanding natural beauty, boasts a remarkable array of carp lakes and fisheries suitable for anglers of all experience levels. Whether you’re seeking a quick day session or an overnight fishing adventure, this guide to the best carp fishing lakes in Somerset should help you find the perfect spot to catch bags of quality carp.

So, grab your carp gear, head outdoors, and experience the excitement of reeling in your next big catch. If you’ve enjoyed reading this guide, please subscribe to our newsletter for the latest carp fishing news, general fishing tips, and angling advice.

Tight Lines, Happy fishing!

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